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Erica and Warryn Campbell are a beautiful black couple with a wonderful black family. When you talk with them you are struck by their testimony. We know Erica Campbell as half of the successful Grammy winning with Mary Mary. And many of us know Warryn Campbell from his successful career in music.

Warryn Campbell began working in the music industry when he was in his late teens. Early in his career, he performed with the group New Vision, and played several instruments. Shorty after, he began focusing on music production and as they say, the rest is history.

The superstar music couple is committed to putting their best foot forward and helping the world be a better place. That is why when asked to join Proctor & Gamble’s My Black Is Beautiful #MyBlackMan they were happy to.

I sat down to chat with the couple about the true meaning of Fatherhood and the program and they were honest, funny and thoughtful.

Elev8: Why did you choose to be part of this #myblackisbeautiful?

Erica: I have been blessed to have these wonderful great men in my life. I mean truly blessed. My father was a good man and my husband is a great man. How could I not? (Laughs)

Warryn: For me it’s really about celebrating the black man. I have great black en to celebrate.  It is also a great thing to celebrate the good in our community. This was jyst a great opportunity to do this.

Elev8: So what is your greatest Father’s Day memory or tradition?

Warryn: Wow, I have a few great memories. I love my grandfather and have always had agreat memories. My grandfather is a great coo.We would have these great meal spreads.If you ever saw it, it looked like something out of a tv scene.(Laughs)

Elev8: How has that shaped your tine with your son?

Warryn: Well, I have a son and I make sure hat  I make sure that he spends that time with is  grandfather and hears those pearls of wisdom. I make sure that he is spending great time reverencing his grandfather.

Elev8: How about you Erica?  What do you recall or experience now?

Erica: Well we get together and its the one day we can serve the men and really treat them.  I remember the first time we did that. It was so nice. We get together and we have these special memories.


Elev8: What do you think we miss when reflecting on Father’s day?

Warryn: We need to celebrate when we do great things. We can be happy and share those good things.

Erica: Celebrate the men in your life! Celebrate the love.


Watch The Campbell’s talk greatness below:

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