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Morning, sweet stuff! Here’s today’s top stories just for you!

MI Grad Student Slapped With Felony Charge After Driving to Well-Lit Area During A Police Stop

It appears that injustice at the hands of the police have reached a new height of ridiculousness. A grad student from Saginaw Valley State University has come forward saying that given a felony charge for allegedly fleeing and eluding arrest. The student is explaining that he simply drove to a well-lit, nearby parking lot for the police stop before being slapped with the charges. He believes that if he had been of another gender identity, he wouldn’t have been wrongfully arrested. Read more at the Root.

Boko Haram Continues Attacks On Nigerian Residents

One of the most infamous terrorist groups in the world has killed another 40-something victims in their latest attacks in Jos, Nigeria at a popular restaurant and mosque during worship for Ramadan. This has left over 200 dead in the last week by the Boko Haram, as the group has been leading attacks almost everyday. President Muhammadu Buhari has made it a priority for his time in office to strike down the Boko Haram but it has proven challenging, as they’ve been stepping up their plots on victims. Read more at the New York Times.

San Francisco Woman Shoot Dead By Hispanic Convict, Reintroduced The Immigration Debate

After a woman was shot dead by a man from Mexico with numerous deportations and convictions in his past, the debate on how to navigate illegal immigration in the US is slowly coming back into the forefront as a national debate. The conversation is also being pushed in light of Donald Trump’s recent controversial comments in his announcement that he was running for president. Kathryn Steinle, 31, was walking to a popular tourist destination with her father when the incident happened. Some are referring to the shooting as a highly unusual event that isn’t representative of undocumented immigrants at large. Meanwhile, San Fran local authorities are firmly stating that they are a“sanctuary city” and they are not going to start turning over undocumented immigrants for federal custody. Read more at Washington Post.


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