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Paula Jai Parker talks about the new season of Hollywood Divas, the never-ending drama between the girls, including their time spent aboard the 2015 Fantastic Voyage.  Tonight’s episode, ‘Rock The Boat’ airing at 9 p.m. explores the journey. 

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“I always try to exclude myself from the insanity, but I always seem to find myself in something. I guess I have to look in the mirror,” Parker says. “I guess I’ll be looking in the mirror tonight like the rest of you. I get tired of arguing and I just want to make that money,” Parker said.

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She says that the drama on the show was not what she signed up for. She wanted, she says to uplift her fellow actresses on ‘Divas’ all of who have dealt with less than stellar follow-ups to their Hollywood career peaks.

“I said I was going to bring these girls together and I Obama’ed them. I said I was going to find them and I’m going to kill them. I did it, I made a project and I knocked it out of the box. Now it’s their turn to step up to the plate,” Parker says. “That’s why I brought the five of us together because I knew we all had different strengths to get this job done. Apart, maybe we’re not so great, but together, we’re a force to be reckoned with.

If we could have done it by themselves that could have been done by now. We’re all aggressive women who are very capable but obviously we need some kind of togetherness to make it happen the way it should and I just wish they could see that.”

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