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The TJMS is on the road again and this time, Sherri Shepherd is with them on the air all week. Kelly Osbourne, who made disparaging comments about Mexican-Americans on The View last week , isn’t the only celebrity to get into trouble for not thinking before she opened her mouth. So she empathized with Osbourne, tweeting to her that everyone makes mistakes. For Shepherd, it was her flat earth comment, one that went so viral people still tweet it to her. Shepard says it was nerves, not ignorance that fueled the misguided remarks.

“It was my first week on The View,” she says. “I wasn’t used to debating. We were in the Hot Topics room and Barbara said ‘I want to debate my Christian friend on evolution vs. Christianity.’ And I zoned out because I have adult ADD. And I zoned out. All the women were talking at the table and I zoned out. I thought ‘Did I pay the cable bill? I’ve got to buy Jeffery some new milk’ and I heard ‘Earth, round or flat’ that’s all I heard.’ And then it ended and Barbara said ‘You know the earth is round, right?’

That haunts me to this day,’ says Shepherd. ‘When people get mad at me, they still say ‘Do you know if the earth is flat?’ That was eight  years ago and I still regret not being more present.’

As for Osbourne, Shepherd says that she thinks its probably what Osborne says jokingly in her crowd of friends that just didn’t translate to TV.

“Everybody ain’t a comic,” she says. “Stay in your lane.”

Watch Shepherd’s misspeak above.

What have you said that you’ve later regretted? Was it as epic as the flubs above and did it come back to haunt you? Let us know.

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