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Prisoner Dead After Scuffle With Prison Guards In New York State Prison

Handcuffed Prisoner

Source: Erika Kyte / Getty

An inmate suffering from bipolar disorder died of cardiac arrhythmia after being beaten by prison guards at Fishkill Correctional Facility earlier this year, reports the New York Times. The inmate, Samuel Harrell, was confronted by the guards when he packed his bags and claimed that he was returning home, although he hadn’t finished serving his drug sentence. The guards neglected to note the scuffle with Harrell in the incident, yet a slew of eyewitnesses that served time alongside Harrell have detailed the horrific encounter to Harrell’s family and others investigating the incident. They claim they have been punished by being beaten, choked and even thrown into solitary confinement. Read more at the NY Times.

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