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Shaun King Brushes Off Accusations That He Has Lied About His Race

Shaun King has spoken out strongly against the accusations from conservative media personalities that he’s been appropriating a Black identity and lying about an racially motivated assault he sustained as a teenager.

Through an extensive series of Tweets, King stated: “Every single person who knows me BEYOND Twitter, beyond trending topics and HIT PIECES, knows I have never lied about my race…Sadly, several popular conservative websites are saying I made the whole thing up in an attempt to discredit my work to end police brutality in our country…My life may be your trending topic but I live this…Done addressing it.”

King is biracial and backs up his story of being attacked as a teen by saying that he had witnesses to corroborate his account. He missed over a year of school getting treatment for his injuries and resultant mental health problems. King has grown an impressive following on Twitter of approximately 170,000 users, has started several philanthropic organizations and has written for publications including Vox, The Guardian, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal. Read more at the NY Times.

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