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The women were ushered off the train and transported back to the train station where they were given a full refund. So if the women clearly violated train policy, why would Wine Train officials give all the women a complete refund? And why did Wine Train officials apologize?

“Today we are again reaching out to the book club members,” Sam Singer, a Wine Train spokesman, told reporters. “We want to apologize to them about their experience.” Singer said he has been unable to reach the women to offer a formal apology.

Word of the incident has spread quickly on social media hashtag #laughingwhileblack with many people saying they will boycott the Wine Train. The company’s Yelp page has been flooded with negative reviews from other passengers who say they’ve either witnessed or experienced discriminatory attitudes and treatment. And an article on Slate.com reports on previous complaints about passenger behavior, none of which were thrown off the train. 

One woman from Seattle posted her outrage over the incident after witnessing the situation on the train.

“I watched in disbelief as staff harassed a group of people who were merely drinking wine and laughing. I’d like to think it wasn’t a racially motivated act, but given the fact that other, non-Black guests were behaving in the same way and not removed, I can only conclude that it was discrimination,” Danielle S. posted.

It’s a shame that 11 Black women from a Antioch, California book club were subjected to what appears to be racial profiling on a wine-sipping train that promotes a wonderful three-hour tour.

“Take a trip into the luxurious American past and experience an unparalleled memory-­making journey,” according to the Wine Train website.

For these sophisticated, book-reading women, I’m guessing they’ve experienced enough of the America’s past for one weekend.

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