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Born Again Virgin Cast

Source: Kyle Christy / TV One

Jenna gets the bright idea to meet with a woman named “the head master” to discuss where oral sex fits in to the abstinence spectrum. She makes this an event for her blog, and takes questions from her readers for The Head Master. One viewer asks if you can be celibate and still have oral (Um…no, or maybe? IDK). The Head master says oral is the new goodnight kiss, so there’s your answer, but I suspect the answer is subjective. Another reader said he just started dating a Black woman, and wants to know if it’s true that Black women don’t go down. The Head Master puts Jenna on the spot, and says she looks like the type who goes down. Jenna doesn’t really answer the question, but this is Jenna, so we know what’s up.

Kelly visits her mom and is disturbed by her mom’s new boyfriend (Kelly’s father is dead). Mom is unapologetic about it, and Kelly is being really immature. But it is awkward because not only is he much younger than mom, he’s also good in bed as per her mother. Ew. Kelly gets over it eventually, though her deal was more about feeling like she was going to lose her mother to the new boo.

In the end, Jenna discovers that people have different degrees of abstinence. Whatever that means (going back to the whole, “It’s subjective” thing). We also discover that her mom, who finds her blog and delivers a stern message about “raising her better than this,” is White.


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