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Shortly after, she went to the doctor for an annual checkup and they found early stages of colon cancer.  As you know, early detection is key so she went through treatment and got chemo and she beat cancer!  Now, at the age of 48 – my mom has been cancer free for 3 years.

One thing she has always enjoyed is cooking – for her family, for church functions & fundraisers and most recently, for the cancer patients at the clinic where she used to go when she was undergoing cancer treatment.

A chemo sessions can last up to 4 hours.  Some patients live alone or don’t have family so she takes them her good cooking and keeps them company while sharing her experiences to help them through the process.

She wants to start a YouTube channel for her recipes but her dream is to have a cooking show on TV.  I think some new pots & pans and a new oven would help motivate her.

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