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It’s no secret that Jimmy Fallon is a drinker. He’s been seen singing in bars and, more recently, falling while carrying a bottle of Jaegermeister. Fallon’s habit is reportedly getting a bit much for NBC.

A source told the New York Post that Fallon’s drinking has gone from “being a whisper to a chatter.” The chatter comes after Fallon’s three injuries in four months: nearly severing a finger, chipping a tooth and cutting his hand.

Fallon’s party boy reputation has been alive since his Saturday Night Live days, but hosting the biggest show on late night may’ve exacerbated the problem.

“There is so much money at stake, the pressure is enormous. [Besides doing the show daily], they’re looking for the next viral thing to hit. He has to do calls with affiliates and sponsors,” a source said. “He has no outlet. He’s young. He’s still learning. You forget he hasn’t been doing this 10 years.”

NBC has already signed up for a couple more years with Fallon. He’s signed on to be the host through at least 2021.


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