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Police in Michigan are apologizing after an officer handcuffed a 7-year-old student at Brownell STEM Academy’s after-school program on Oct. 12.

Cameron McCadden’s mother, Chrystal, said her son — who has ADHD — can be hyper at times, but did not deserve to be cuffed. McCadden, who had been called to pick up her son from the after-school program, was surprised to find his wrists bound in handcuffs when she arrived. She was even more surprised when she asked police to release the student — and the officer explained he didn’t actually have the key for the cuffs.

On Friday, Flint Police Chief James Tolbert issued this apology to the family:

“I have apologized to the mother for this situation and assured her that we will protect the integrity of this investigation and will be transparent in our findings. It is our model to engage children in a positive light that will foster trust and respect, this incident does not reflect positively on that model,” Chief Tolbert said.

McCadden described the frustrating incident to NBC News:

“He’s hyper. I’ve gotten these calls about (him) being hyper before. But he is not a violent kid,” she said. “I’m still trying to get answers…You put my son if handcuffs and you didn’t have the key. He wasn’t in here with a gun or knife,” she said. “There was no other action you could do?”

The mother was told the child kicked a cart. In a statement Friday, Flint police said Cameron “appeared intent on injuring himself,” and had to be handcuffed for his protection, as well as other students.

Last month’s incident is the latest to emerge that shines light on policing in schools. Just two weeks ago, a school resource officer in South Carolina was terminated after he slammed and dragged a teenage girl across the classroom floor. In Texas, another officer came under fire for grabbing a student’s neck and forcing him to the ground. And in August, an 8-year-old was videotaped crying out in pain after a school officer handcuffed his upper arms.

Most of the children in these incidents are students of color.



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