American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) Adult basking

Source: altrendo nature / Getty

Saturday morning a 12 foot, more than 800 pound alligator was found  in a parking lot at First Colony Mall. Apparently, it’s not unusual to see an alligator in the area because of Oyster Creek which runs behind the mall. However, one of this size is extremely rare. The alligator was blind one eye and was obviously lost and somehow wandered into the parking lot. It was wrestled and subdued by a female wrangler who was a fraction of the alligator’s weight with the help of a police officer. Due to its large size, the alligator, which they nicknamed, Godzilla, had to be lifted onto a truck with forklift. It was transported to an alligator sanctuary in El Campo, Texas. Click here to read more.

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