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We may know the real reason why Sheree AND Bob Whitfield signed on for season 8 of RHOA! Sheree was expecting a windfall of money from her former husbands bankrupcy proceedings but she won’t see a dime!

According to Bossip, Sheree has been petitioning the court to received $136,000 she claimed Bob owed her in back child support.

Bob pulled a 50 Cent in 2011 and filed for bankruptcy alleging he had $600,000 in debt and over $1 million in assets but he only had $3,455 in monthly income from disability checks.

The former NFL player was forced to sell two of his homes to pay off his debt. But he still came out a winner as he got to keep his Georgia home, guns and cars amongst other possessions.

Sheree already had a deal in place with the family court where should would receive $75k along with $1,000 a month in support for 12 months then back to the original monthly amount of $2,142 after the year.

$174,000 was collected from the sale of Bob’s assets and property and Sheree won’t get her $136K from that pot of gold. Supposedly the previous deal was deemed more than enough for Sheree.

Though the pair have divorced they’re common thread seems to be greed and living above their means. Now that Bob is on the other side of bankruptcy, he could use the easy money that comes from appearing on RHOA.

And we all know Sheree is hoping to finish building Chateau Sheree within this lifetime.

We expect the former couple to really turn up for the cameras so Sheree can secure her peach next season!


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