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Jumping Exercises

Source: Natasha Neal / Natease Photography

One would assume that as people get a bit older they start to wind down, but a new survey reveals that’s not the case.  According to The Daily Mail,

  A poll of 2,000 British adults reveals that age 31 is when people say they have the most energy, and one in ten of people in their 30s rated their energy levels as excellent compared to just one in 20 of people over 50 who said the same. Many named their early 30s as their happiest time, and said their energy comes from running after small children and exercising regularly. Eighty-two percent of respondents said their energy level begins to drop the moment they have little or nothing to do. The top five energy draining traits participants named were: job, worry/anxiety, day-to-day chores, children, and a chronic health or mental health condition. The top five ways people say they boost their energy: drinking tea or coffee, taking a power nap, drinking water, walking outside, and eating chocolate.

Don’t worry, you get another burst at 55.

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