Three Female Students Sat on a Row of Lockers, with Three Male Students Looking On

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This current generation now has a name.  According to Newser,

Millennials, Baby Boomers and Gen Xers now have a new group to blame society’s issues on: Founders. MTV has chosen the name and MTV President Sean Atkins tells Time, ” ‘Founders’ is the label we should now be using for post-millennial kids, those 15 and under who’ve grown up fully immersed in the digital world and who are ready to rebuild a society that the previous generation ‘disrupted.'” These ‘disruptions’ apparently include ones to the Internet, for example, Facebook and Google, and even legacy industry disruptions like Arbnb and Uber. Atkins adds, “[This generation has] this self-awareness that systems have been broken.” When MTV polled more than 1,000 kids born after December 2000 on what they thought the ideal name for their generation would be, “Founders” won out over more than 500 nominations.

Founders.  Sounds a bit arrogant, but I like…strangely.

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