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Obama Signs New Law That Ends ‘No Child Left Behind’

Nearly fifteen years after George Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” law went into effect, Obama has repealed and replaced that law with the “Every Student Succeeds Act”. Instead of structured standardized tests that measures all schools performance by the national average of math and reading scores; the new law allows states to develop their own methods for judging school quality. States will set their own goals and timelines for academic progress. Their plans however, must be approved by the federal Department of Education. “Now the hard work begins, laws are only as good as the implementation” said Obama at The White House signing ceremony. [The Washington Post] 

Is The Baltimore Mayor Trying To Avoid Paying Freddie Gray’s Multi-Million Dollar Settlement?

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has proposed a bill to pay $2 million to a Washington, DC law firm to represent the city during a federal investigation of the Police Department. Rawlings combined this spending bill with the $6.4 million settlement the city is supposed to pay the family of police brutality victim, Freddie Gray. The City Council is not opposed to paying Gray’s family, they are however expected to reject the bill because they believe the cost of outside council is egregious. “…The $2 million [in outside legal fees] leaves a bad taste in my mouth” said City Council Vice President Edward Reisinger. “Either it’s two separate bills or it’s going nowhere.” The City Council President, Bernard C. “Jack” Young, believes Rawling’s request for outside council has an underlined ulterior motive. “We have concerns. We called in the Justice Department to implement changes, not to fight against what they’re recommending” said Young. [The Baltimore Sun]

Louisiana Marshals Indicted On Murder Charges In Death Of 6-Year-Old Boy

A grand jury has indicted former Louisiana marshals Derrick Stafford and Norris Greenhouse Jr. on second-degree murder charges for the death of Jeremy Mardis. The 6-year-old was sitting in his father’s pickup truck when he was shot in his head and his chest. Stafford and Greenhouse were also indicted on charges of attempted second degree murder for severely injuring Jeremy’s father, Chris Few. The circumstances that provoked the incident have not been determined. When ask how the family of the little boy is doing, his grandmother, Cathy Mardis told the media, “It’s been pure hell. I can’t explain what it’s like to bury your 6-year-old grandchild.” [NPR]

Yale Concludes Fraternity Didn’t Have A “White Girls Only” Party

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter at Yale University came under fire in November after allegations surfaced on social media that the organization had denied entry to students of color. Allegedly, the hosts had said the Halloween party was for “white girls only.” The university has recently concluded it’s investigation and “found no evidence of systematic discrimination against people of color.” Students inside the party shared that admittance was on a first come first serve basis and once it became over crowded, the hosts were rude and subjective regarding who could enter. However, no one could confirm hearing “white girls only”. Supposedly a Yale student heard the initial story from a friend who didn’t attend the school. The university found that the fraternity members mismanaged the party and acted “disrespectfully and aggressively” toward potential guests but it was not racially motivated. Yale will not sanction the fraternity. [The Huffington Post]

Brooklyn Principal Makes Short List For $1 Million Prize

Nadia Lopez, founder of the Mott Hall Bridges Academy in Brownsville os Brooklyn on the competitive short list to win The Global Teacher Prize. The award, regarded by educators as the Nobel Prize of education is given to “an exceptional teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession.” Lopez established her school in 2010 with the hopes of providing a premiere education to students in underserved neighborhoods. Several of Lopez’s accomplishments in the past year include the virality of a “Humans of New York” post featuring one of her students who said she was the most influential person in his life. “When we get in trouble, she doesn’t suspend us,” began 13-year-old Vidal Chastanet, “She calls us to her office and explains to us how society was built down around us.” Lopez also launched a fundraising campaign to send her students to Harvard and on other ivy league university tours. The campaign raised over $1.4 million in just three weeks. The winner of The Global Teacher Prize will be selected in March. [The Grio]


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