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While the world was oohing and aahing over the size of Nicki Minaj’s new ring, Instagram trolls were dragging another bride-to-be for how small hers was.

Nicki blinded everyone on social media when she put up a few shots of the massive rock that Meek Mil got her, sparking engagement rumors.

When plus-size model and fashion blogger Denise Mercedes posted a picture of her ring, everyone had something to say. And they were not impressed.

Admittedly, her ring looked like tiny compared to Nicki’s, and perhaps that’s where the criticism stemmed from. Denise’s ring simply wasn’t as big as what many women have come to expect these days.

To be fair, women make a big deal out of the ring. We almost use it as bragging rights. However, many of Denise’s critics may be suffering from a skewed perspective on what qualifies as a good ring. It ain’t all about the size. You can have a massive diamond that has poor cut, color and clarity.

The shade was so thick that it made Denise re-do her entire Instagram page.

Seriously , learn to love yourself. Stop worrying about me.

A photo posted by Denise Mercedes (@msdenisemercedes) on Dec 9, 2015 at 10:36am PST


Although everyone is going to have an opinion, which is their right, it was really wrong to criticize her ring.

First off, if you’re focusing on the size of the ring, you’re focusing on the wrong thing. Period.

As it turns out, the ring she posted was actually a promise ring from her boyfriend. He’s pledging now to marry her when she finishes school. That is an incredibly sweet gesture, and one that many women would be ecstatic about. The fact that her ring wasn’t enormous should not be a point of ridicule.

The size of the ring is not a reflection of the relationship itself or the love that couple has for one another. The ring is simply a symbol of commitment, and the relationship needs to out-shine that diamond (or ruby, or sapphire, or whatever jewel you want) no matter what size it is. That’s where the focus should be.

The ring is not the defining factor that should motivate anyone to accept or reject a proposal. The love you have for the person who gave it to you (and the thought they put into it) should.

Secondly, did anyone bother to ask her if she liked her ring? Because her opinion is the only one that matters. She must have been proud of it because she posted it on Instagram. For the record, she loves it! “At the end of the day, it’s MY ring and I am happy with MY ring,” she wrote on her blog.

But, the better question here: is it your business how big another woman’s ring is?

Despite what social media, the bridal industry and pop culture in general would have you to believe, not everyone wants to wear a huge ring. There’s nothing wrong with some big bling, but it’s not everyone’s style. Dare I say it, some people even find it a little tacky.

Maybe the ring she has is exactly what she would have wanted. In which case, her man got it right! It is not anyone else’s place to say that her ring is sub par or unacceptable simply because it’s a bit more modest than others you’ve seen.

To make fun of the size of her ring (or any woman’s ring for that matter) is to disregard her sense of style. It also disregards the strength of her relationship. And if it wasn’t clear by now, making fun of someone’s bridal jewelry is also incredibly shallow and mean.

The irony here is that a healthy number of the women blasting Denise’s ring are probably single with no prospect of marriage. Even if some of them are in relationships, the only thing that anyone needs to say about someone else’s ring is, “Congratulations” and “Best Wishes.”

With that said, Congratulations girl! The ring is lovely.

We’re curious, though, beauties:


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