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Camille Cosby tried to run but she certainly couldn’t hide.

A Massachusetts court rejected Cosby’s request to not testify against her husband, comedian and alleged serial rapist Bill Cosby, in the defamation suit that has been brought against him by seven women who accuse him of rape and sexual assault.

These seven are only a small group of the approximate 50 women that have come forward with sexual misconduct allegations. The suit states that Cosby tried to cast his accusers as liars; Cosby has since countersued, arguing that his own credibility and his chances at having another hit family show on NBC were compromised by their rape claims.

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Camille has been bizarrely silent and supportive of her husband throughout his downward spiral in the public and the ongoing trend of women emerging in the media with various accounts of being drugged and molested by him. One exception of this was in December 2014 when Camille released a statement that confounded onlookers—including me—comparing her husband’s rape scandal to that of the UVA/Rolling Stone case and suggesting that Cosby was the true victim after being barraged by negative press:

We all followed the story of the article in the “Rolling Stone” concerning allegations of rape at the University of Virginia. The story was heart-breaking, but ultimately appears to be proved to be untrue. Many in the media were quick to link that story to stories about my husband – until that story unwound.

None of us will ever want to be in the position of attacking a victim. But the question should be asked – who is the victim?

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Ever since, the silver fox has resumed her usual disposition of sitting quietly beside her husband during public appearances, looking aloof and oddly self-content. Like in that infamously embarrassing video interview Cosby held with the Associated Press in November 2014, Camille looks totally unfazed and happy as her husband is grilled about his rape allegations. There Cosby sat, digging himself in a hole by trying to taunt the reporters out of publicizing that part of the interview—a move that in my opinion, incriminated him of the very sexual assaults that he was trying to distance himself from. Meanwhile, Camille’s expression hardly changed the entire time, fixed in a small, dumb smile that one might make while waiting for a punchline.

I don’t know if she’s been trying to take a cue from Queen Beyoncé by letting her silence speak for herself amid the controversy, but Mrs. Cosby’s silence has been saying all the wrong things. Maybe it’ll be humiliating for her to sit on the stand and have to spell out the nasty details that she knows about her husband’s transgressions outside of their marriage. Still, I think this woman deserves to be cross-examined after being complicit in other women’s pain and sexual trauma.

I want to know exactly what’s on Camille Cosby’s mind. I want to know what she’s been really thinking behind that small, dumb smile that we’ve all come to know her for.

If I were the lawyer cross-examining Camille Cosby on behalf of the plaintiffs in this defamation case, I would ask:

1) What is your motivation for protecting your husband?

I know that Camille Cosby signed a marital contract to stand by her husband until his death. However, I think that Camille definitely could have and should have bended the rules on this one when she realized that her husband was stepping out on her with other women and teenage girls—while victimizing them in the process.

Chicks before dicks, Camille. Chicks before dicks.

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2) How long do you honestly think you’re going to keep this up?

There’s no question anymore as to what happened, and I don’t see why Camille doesn’t save herself by killing the facade at this point. I bet she won’t be cheesing so hard when the case comes to a close and her husband is finally put away for the crimes we all know he committed. I bet his admittance from 2005 to giving women drugs with the intention of having sex with them when they were under the influence will be enough to get his conviction in the end.

3) How many other women and girls was your husband molesting that the public still doesn’t know about?

I’ll bet you that Beverly Johnson wasn’t the only woman who Camille encountered that had been sexually assaulted by Cosby. She’s the man’s wife, so I’ll bet that Camille knows plenty about Cosby’s intimate and unsavory behaviors. It’s unfortunate when it happens, but we virtually always know when our man is cheating (and oftentimes who he’s cheating with), right?

4) What do you say to your daughters about this case? How do you look them in the eye?

As I said before, my main issue with Camille in this rape scandal is that her silence and support of her husband ultimately shows support to the cruel, misogynistic acts that women everywhere suffer from each day. Her daughters aren’t immune to any of that.

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5) If you really don’t believe that your husband didn’t harm these women, what evidence would change your mind?

Would she need a video? DNA testing? A verbal and written admission from her husband? It may be true that women who weren’t abused by Cosby have jumped on the bandwagon by echoing others’ stories of being drugged and raped. However, that’s hardly likely considering that the accusers didn’t have any financial gains to make from telling their stories, and admitting to having been raped can be an incredibly traumatizing and shameful experience in the first place.

I have to stress that Camille Cosby is not the real criminal here. Her husband is, and I’ve written about that at length in the past. Still, I’m incredibly disappointed at how poorly Camille Cosby has been conducting herself throughout this scandal and I think the woman needs to be called out on it.


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