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Student Faces Drug Charges For Sharing Inhaler With Wheezing Classmate

Indiyah Rush of Garland, Texas, may have to spend 30 days in an alternative school, for trying to do a good deed. During gym class, the 12-year-old noticed her classmate breathing heavily so Rush selflessly shared her inhaler. “I was just trying to save her life,” she said. “I didn’t know I was doing anything bad.” said the honors student. Now both Indiyah and her unidentified friend have to explain their actions during a disciplinary hearing. Rush is being labeled as the “perpetrator” who had a “controlled substance/marijuana.” According to Chris Moore, spokesman for the Garland Independent School District, the disciplinary actions fit the alleged crime. “It’s a prescription, and one student’s severity with asthma may not mirror that of the girl who let the other girl borrow hers,” Moore said. “And that could have resulted in some pretty significant issues.” {Fox 4 News}

Gymnast From Trinidad & Tobago Makes History With New Move

In addition to Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas, there’s a new millennial gymnast serving #BlackGirlMagic. Marisa Dick, of Trinidad and Tobago created a new move that has just been entered into the official gymnastics rulebook, Code of Points. For the past year, the 18-year-old has been practicing a jump split to get onto the balance beam. She repeated the mount over twenty times a day until she debuted the move at the World Gymnastic Championships in Glasgow in Oct. 2015. Fellow gymnast Simone Biles would go on to win the gold at the competition but Dick is still a winner as the new move, barring her name will forever be etched in history. “It’s super cool to know that my name will kind of live on in the world of gymnastics” she said. “It’s really exciting. It was one of my biggest goals going into worlds, to get this move named after myself.” Dick is currently training for a spot in the 2016 summer olympics in Rio. {CBS}

Howard University Students Create App That Provides Affordable Meal Options

A pair of Howard University students who happen to be siblings, Alston and Hannah Clark may have solved an age old problem. Every year, collegiates purchase expensive meal plans for hundreds of dollars to eat within the schools cafeteria or dining halls. Students rarely use the full amount at the end of the semester for various reasons. Many students would love to have the ‘pay as you go’ option without the financial burden of paying for a full semester of meals. The Clark’s have since created the mobile app, SwypeShark which connects hungry students to their colleagues with meal plans who will provide a “swype” in exchange for the monetary value of the meal. The pair were enrolled in the business classes, Bison Startup and Bison Accelerate, which helped them to bring their idea to fruition. The Clark’s plan to expand the availability of the app to other campuses in the latter part of 2016. {HBCU To Startup}

Air Force Officials Used Martin Luther King Jr.’s Photo As Advertisement For Target Practice

Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, GA has recently issued an apology for an inappropriate advertisement. In efforts to promote a trap and skeet shooting competition at the base, the flier used a photo of Civil Rights Activist, Martin Luther King Jr. who was assassinated in 1968. “We’re deeply sorry for any offense or harm caused by our insensitivity and failure to provide appropriate oversight of our marketing process,” said base spokesman Roland Leach regarding the “Martin Luther King Jr. FUN SHOOT”  flier. The advertisement had been circulating for several days until the base leadership “realized the inappropriateness” of the flier. Supposedly, the organizers of the event have been reprimanded in the form of “counseling” and “remedial training”. Rutha Jackson, president of the Houston County Chapter of the NAACP was appalled by advertisement. “It really bothered me that they would take the initiative to use Dr. King’s photo on a gun shoot,” she said. “It sends a message which I think is very offensive.” {NY Daily News}

Nas Is The Newest Brand Ambassador For Black Owned Razor Company, Bevel

Grammy nominated rap legend Nas continues to diversify his business portfolio with his latest endeavor. The “Illmatic” rapper is the newest brand ambassador for The Bevel Trimmer. The patented razor was designed for men of color who have thick, curly hair to ease irritation when shaving. The company’s founder, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur named Tristan Walker made headlines for raising nearly $25 million from top venture capitalists and celebrity investors such as Earvin “Magic” Johnson, John Legend and NBA Finals MVP Andre Iguodala. Nas is equally elated to be apart of the Bevel team. “This product is needed. It’s kind of crazy that there hasn’t been any real innovation in this space. We deserve better,” said Nas. “When Tristan first showed the Trimmer to me and my barber, we knew it was a game-changer because it has what barbers and consumers want. It cuts precise and clean lines, it’s powerful, clean and well-designed.” Bevel products can be online and in-store at Target. {VIBE/USA Today}


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