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Tonight’s episode starts off slow, but one of the most important things to remember is that Kim surprisingly has a stylist, whom she invites over to help her plan a day of beauty for the ladies in the crew.  Kim’s vision is that they all come together to brunch without makeup and to talk about their hopes and dreams. The next important thing to remember is that Cynthia has decided to shoot a commercial for her sunglasses line in Jamaica, and she wants Kim and Kenya to share directing duties. She hasn’t sprung this news on them yet, but like…


We know how this is going to end up.

Most of the episode whizzes by in a boring blur, like I said, but when it heats up, it really heats up, and you know Kim’s gathering is where the main event takes place. All the ladies show up, but you know this group of women, surprisingly with the exception of Sheree, wasn’t about that no makeup life. Kenya came, begrudgingly, with makeup on, Kandi had on a little concealer, Phaedra had a “natural” makeup look, Sheree looked beautiful without make up and I hope she delivers the goods on her skincare regime, Porsha came straight from shooting Dish Nation with a full face of makeup on, and of course, Kim complied since it was her event–she still played herself though, thinking these women were about to be taped in all their fresh-faced glory…in HD.

Anyway, the conversation starts with small talk about Phaedra’s trip to DC, and then Kenya talks about how it got cold in the D when her mom ignored her, but then Cynthia sprang her bright idea to have Kim and Kenya co-direct her commercial in Jamaica, which will become a girls’ trip. The real fun begins when Kim starts trying to tap into her inner Iyanla. She gives the ladies bedazzled notebooks and mirrors and wants them to write down what they feel natural beauty is. Kenya starts rabble rousing, and basically points out that she feels Kim is being shady and fake with this whole no makeup thing. Kim says she isn’t being shady. It doesn’t seem like she is, it seems like she really was naïve enough to think she could move these women with her forced positivity (the other ladies seemed fine though.). She’s clearly on the wrong show, but we’ve been saying this for a while now. Also, you know this tension between Kim and Kenya is far from gone.

Fast-forward to Cynthia’s meeting with Kim and Kenya to discuss the co-directing situation…

Kenya didn’t show up because “she’s putting out a fire” with regard to her house. The ‘”fire’’ involved being a thirst bucket watching a foine contractor put in some work, so she and Cynthia resolve to meet later on. Cynthia feels slighted, and rightfully so, but she moves forward with her meeting with Kim. Kim presents her storyboard for Cynthia’s commercial, and Cynthia likes it, but still springs the fact that she wants Kim and Kenya to work together and Kim sets her straight.

“I don’t co-direct,” is the exact response. Bloop.


Cynthia was convinced enough to go solely with Kim, but we know this won’t go over well with Kenya. However, the real question is, will Kim be able to even hang in Jamaica without her family?

We will find out next week when they take it to Jam Rock.


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