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There is no shortage of people and outlets downing the idea of getting married on Valentine’s Day, but it might actually be the best time to wed.

Picking a wedding date is tough for a lot of couples, and the ones that choose to do it on a holiday face a few challenges. However no wedding date faces more scrutiny than Valentine’s Day. Some might think the idea is pretty basic since it’s such an obvious choice. However, there a few reasons that getting married on Valentine’s Day is actually kind of perfect.

1. You’re Getting Married On A Day That Is All About Love

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love, so what better way to do that than marrying the love of your life? More than that, you get to be surrounded by friends and family–people who really make your heart sing. Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be about romantic love. It’s a good day to celebrate the love you have for your family and the deep bond you have with your friends by throwing a huge party and dancing the night away as you enter a new chapter of your life. The room will be overflowing with love. Who wouldn’t want that on Valentine’s Day?

2. Your Anniversary Will Be Super-Easy To Remember

There’s virtually no chance that you will forget the day you got married since the rest of the country is celebrating your anniversary…sort of. With all of the heart-shaped products and lovey-dovey cards popping up at retailers throughout January and February, you will have tons of reminders about the fact that your anniversary is coming up. This gives you plenty of time to plan something special for your better half.

3. Your Wedding Can Be A Great Alternative To Regular Valentine’s Day Activities

Dinner and a movie is a sweet, completely expected idea. A wedding, on the other hand, is a once-in-a-lifetime Valentine’s Day event. For anyone that has ever dreamed about having a big moment on the most romantic day of the year, it gets no bigger than tying the knot.

4. The Decorations Are A No-Brainer

Unless you were thinking of a specific theme that has nothing to do with love, you can’t go wrong sprinkling a few hearts throughout your wedding day. It might also be cute to throw in a few of cupid’s arrows here or there to that theme to the next level. Even the color scheme is automatically nailed. Just decorate your wedding and reception in tones of red or pink–maybe even a little gold–and the look for your special day is set.

5. It’s A Great Chance To Spread The Love

Unless you were the very last single person of marriageable age that you knew, chances are you and your spouse have a few unattached friends. Having a wedding on Valentine’s Day might be a fun excuse to introduce your available, elligible buddies. And you don’t have to sit them all at the singles’ table to do it, either! Plan a couple of games for the reception as a nice ice breaker and let the magic happen on its own. If you’re really trying to nudge love along, though, you might want to seat some specific pairings near one another.


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