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Tonight’s season finale of Real Housewives of Atlanta was a tame episode, but it seemed like a prelude to what will be a drama-filled reunion.

Phaedra is feeling so good after having filed for divorce, and finally having taken her boys to visit Apollo, that she decided to celebrate with an over-the-top Christmas party planned by Dwight.

Speaking of Apollo, he owes the government a lot of money in restitution, so the feds have swooped down and started making house calls in order to collect some of Apollo’s things so they can make their money back. Cynthia and Peter, and Kandi and Todd got visits because they were in possession of some of Apollo’s items.

Kenya pointed out that she read a blog that implicated Phaedra as the one who called the feds and dropped dime. Kandi couldn’t help but wonder if that might be the case too. It’s dead wrong if it is, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Phaedra’s party was the main event of the night. The theme was your typical winter wonderland, where people came dressed up as holiday characters. Phaedra came dressed up as Mrs. Claus, and her boys were dressed up as elves. The whole crew came to the party, including Bob Whitfield as Santa, and even Nene, who actually managed to co-exist peacefully with Dwight. Kenya was the last of the group to show up, and she was appropriately dressed as the Grinch. But before we get to the Grinch, Nene had a score to settle with Kandi. You know they’ve had lots of tension between them over the last few years, but Nene actually initiated a conversation with Kandi that went well, and they agreed to start over and eventually got to cackling and ki ki’ing like old girlfriends.


Back to Kenya the Grinch. At the party, she started stirring the pot again, like she usually does. This time, she brought up the theory that Phaedra was the one who told the feds where Apollo’s belongings were. They questioned Phae Phae about it and she denied it, but everyone else remained skeptical because this is Phaedra we’re talking about and her denial just wasn’t that convincing. She is the queen of shadiness, so it’s not easy to put something like this past her.


The episode wrapped without incident, but we got some updates on the crew. Moore Manor is almost complete, Kim is joining the cast of DWTS, Cynthia and Peter’s relationship is doing well, Cynthia is literally delivering shade by promoting her sunglasses line, and Phaedra is keeping her romantic life private until her divorce is finalized (but let’s count down until the next African prince rumors surface).


Anyway, next week we get to watch part one of the reunion and it is going to be filled with lots of side eyes and shade. Even the men will have some drama, and even Kim will get froggy.

Here’s a sneak peek:

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