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mo city pic of construction

Sunday Morning Live hosted both mayoral candidates for Missouri City this past Sunday in an effort to inform, educate and inspire voting.

But this is the view today of the polling place for residents of Hunters Glen I, II and III. Missouri City is almost 42 percent African-American, and these neighborhoods have a high concentration of black voters.

Adding to the confusion, construction began on Monday–the first day of early voting.

Is it irony? Incidental? Or intentional?

UPDATE: Mayor Allen Owen responded to my questions about why this is happening now:


I sure hope people don’t think this is something the City did. Texas Parkway (2234) is a State Highway and not a City street. The overlay that is happening on it was totally at TxDOT’s scheduling not ours. I have been traveling it this week and even though it may be a little inconvenient, it is still heavily traveled. Might inform the people calling that City Hall is just one location. There are polls at Chasewood Clubhouse, Hightower High School, Fort Bend ISD Building, a number of Utility District Offices, and hopefully they can navigate into our City Hall site. I would assume that this project has been on the State’s schedule for a long time. And it is part of an even bigger project later on that will widen it to give people better access. By the way, there have been electronic messaging signs posted for a number of weeks now informing people about possible delays. Turtle Creek street in another section of town is completely torn up as well and has been for weeks. Unfortunately these things are ongoing to maintain them. Over the next 5 years we will be replacing a lot of them because the City is 60 years old and they have worn out.

Thanks for asking about this though.

Mayor Allen Owen