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The battle of the Lyons rages on as we get closer to the ASA awards, but there’s another battle that will begin to rage between Cookie and Lucious. More on that later. In the meantime, the tension between Jamal and Lucious is thick. The other issue is Empire’s fate as far as who will become the new CEO. The board is already thinking about another pick for the job, as in, not Lucious.

Hakeem, after going on a party binge for a few days, finally manned up and told Laura that Anika was pregnant (this was after Laura confronted him after he kept ignoring her calls). Laura obviously didn’t take well to that news. In fact, she slapped fire out of him before calling everything off.


In related baby news, Hakeem is starting to get excited about the idea of becoming a dad, but Anika…not so much. She told Hakeem about Lucious threatening her life, which he didn’t appreciate. She’s also not thrilled about sharing Hakeem’s attention with Laura. Hakeem, always the optimist (or dumb arse, depending on how you look like it), feels like they can work it out.

Hakeem later confronts Lucious about threatening Anika, and Lucious played coy, as usual. Cookie stepped in, told Lucious to fall in line, and promised to handle Boo Boo Kitty. Fastforward to Cookie’s visit to Annika’s apartment building where she unexpectedly finds Anika being wheeled into an ambulance on a stretcher while hyperventilating.

While this was going on, Hakeem was trying to reconcile with Laura, who said she’d think about getting back with him, but then he got an emergency text about his babymama.


At the hospital, we find out that Anika is almost five months pregnant. Anika’s mom hates the Lyons (rightfully so) and at the moment, Boo Boo Kitty and her baby are recovering. Anika’s issue may have been a panic attack from stress, which obviously isn’t good for the baby, but it’s hard to keep stress down when you’re in such close proximity to the Lyon family.

Finally, we get to the episode bombshell…the reporter that had been shadowing Lucious (and trying to get in his pants) got pissed at him for giving what would have been her exclusive story to another publication instead. So, out of spite, she gave Andre some photos she obtained of Thirsty visiting the nursing home where Lucious’ “dead” mother lives (and looks nothing like Kelly Rowland in her old age). Dre makes it his mission to find her, but we’ll get to that next week when ish hits the fan.

The episode concludes with the board asking Cookie and Lucious to come on as co-CEO’s of Empire. They accept, but you know Lucious ain’t sharing nathan, not even with family. Lucious is pretending that he likes the idea of working with Cookie (who’d probably do a better job), but like, again, it’s Lucious, he’s a snake, so he most certainly has plans to stab Cookie in the back at some point, but you know she’s not going out like that.


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