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Most people have heard that drinking a glass of red wine each day can have health benefits, and now a new study says having a beer a day does the body good as well. According to The Daily Mail,

Researchers from the IRCCS Mediterranean Neurological Institute reviewed 150 studies and found that drinking 1.4 pints, or two 11 ounce cans of beer each day protects the heart without increasing the odds of dementia or cancer. Study co-author, Dr. Simona Costanzo explains, “…a moderate consumption of beer, placed in the context of a healthy diet, with a healthy lifestyle also involving physical activity, appears to have no detrimental effects, and indeed demonstrated its ability to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.” It’s thought the high level of antioxidants in beer help soak up harmful chemical thought to cause heart attacks. Still, researchers maintain excessive drinking is known to harm the body.

I have read before that drinking a beer after a work out is good for you, so I believe this.

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