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I saw this article in Women’s Health.  Ladies, here is the reason your man or husband wakes up with morning wood.

Sexologist Gloria Brame, Ph.D. explains adolescents and young men can get an erection anywhere from three or five times each night due to their peak levels of hormones, which correlate to the frequency of their need for release. She says as men age this occurrence wanes as their testosterone levels and sexual function decline. Clinical sexologist and relationship coach Uta Demontis, Ph.D. adds that a morning erection, “has nothing to do with dreams during the night, as spontaneous erections have also been observed in male fetuses in the womb.” She says it’s possible the male body is simply trying to oxygenate the penis with fresh blood flow during the night, and that this is what causes spontaneous erections.

And there you have it!  Feel free to jump on it in the morning too, ladies.

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