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Patti LaBelle's Sweet Potato Pie

Source: Twitter Screenshot / Twitter Screenshot

Remember last Thanksgiving holiday season everyone was going crazy over Patti pies? I have to admit for a store bought  pie they were awesome but why stop there. Patti is about to take it to the next  level with a line of dessert that include a variety of cobblers, a sweet potato loaf, and an apple pecan cake.Starting this Friday at your local Walmart stores the cobblers will be  available in apple, peach, and mixed berry flavors. The cobblers will sell for $6.98; apple pecan cake for $9.98 and the sweet potato loaf for $4.48. Mrs Patti is giving us another reason to hit the gym hard after this Labor day weekend but if they taste anything like those Patti sweet potato pies it will be well worth it.