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Another day, another black celebrity that decides to put their foot in their mouth regarding racism and race relations in this country instead of just remaining silent and letting their fans continue to be ignorant of their true feelings. The latest celebrity on the “racism doesn’t exist” bandwagon, is none other than everyone’s go-to person for racial information, rapper Lil Wayne.


In between creating unnecessary social media drama last week over hinting at his “retirement” and further complaining about his strained and distanced relationship with Birdman, Weezy took things a step further and also decided to chime in on racism, or in his case a lack thereof.


Love B. Scott has further details about Wayne’s latest remarks, although given his track record of neglecting to speak out on the issue before, it should be of little surprise that he thinks racism has somehow magically disappeared.


Via Love B. Scott:


After [talking about his] retirement, Wayne and the hosts got on the topic of Colin Kaepernick and racism. Wayne said that he didn’t think there was a such thing as racism because of all the white fans who attend his shows.


“I thought that was clearly a message that there was no such thing as racism,” he said. He went on to say that “it’s not cool to them,” when discussing young people’s views on racism. “When I’m on tour and I’m in my stance and I open my eyes and I see everybody. I don’t have this type of crowd or that type of crowd. My crowd has always been everybody, thank God.”


You can check out the clip of Lil Wayne voicing his opinion on racism in the VIDEO below:


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