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The endless stories of police officers abusing their power by killing or intentionally harming black people continue with each passing day. These days when you log into your social media accounts, you are likely to see a new hashstag of a black person who was the victim of police brutality and racial injustice. The latest case involves a Houston police officer who was caught on video brutally and repeatedly beating a black man senseless.

Unfortunately, the usual protocol followed when a police officer is caught on video beating, shooting or killing a black person is to simply put them on administrative leave (either with or without pay), but this time things turned out a bit differently. The Grio is reporting that the Houston, Texas police officer who was caught severely beating a black man with his baton, voluntarily stepped down from his position after the footage surfaced.


Via The Grio:


The video shows Officer Jairus Warren and his partner approaching a man slumped over on a bench at a train station around 7:30 a.m. on Sept. 14. Warren and the civilian, Darrell Giles, 31, are seen exchanging words just before Giles gets up. The officer then hits him at least 12 times before Giles falls down to the station platform, where he hit two more times.


Giles was taken to jail and charged with resisting arrest and criminal trespass, but the charges were later dropped. Giles told KTRK that he was told to get off the platform by Warren earlier in the morning and left, but came back to the bench to get his phone when he encountered the officer again.


After the Houston Metro Police Department concluded that Warren used excessive force and should be fired, the officer offered his resignation. The second officer, Daniel Reynoso, was suspended and ordered to undergo additional training.


At this point there are really no words to express the frustration, anger, hurt and disbelief at these continued incidents. Thankfully the officer is no longer on the force, but that is just a very small step in a much bigger picture between law enforcement and African Americans.


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