Shamita Smith aka MitaLynn a native of Dayton, OH always had a love for music. She started singing at a young age in her church choir and continued singing throughout her high-school years. MitaLynn moved from Dayton, OH to Charleston,WV in 2000 where she began working in the Healthcare field & performing with local bands. […]


Today New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio fulfilled his promise to paint "BLACK LIVES MATTER" in giant yellow letters right in front of the Racist-In-Chief's Fifth Avenue Trump Tower building in Manhattan. Something that caused Donald Trump to have a meltdown on Twitter after it was announced.

During a segment on Lemon's nightly CNN program, the actor voiced criticism over Black on Black violence with the host correcting Crews by saying that's not the aim of the BLM movement. is speaking out for all the lives lost because they were someone's baby.

Add it to the list of things you did not expect to see in 2020.

Washington, D.C. is making maybe the biggest statement a city could make to convey the message that black lives do matter.

Urban One remains dedicated to call out injustice and take a stand for equality.


Florida State University’s WhiteCoats4BlackLives group hosted a week-long event that delved into racial disparities in healthcare.

During a recent interview, Chilli of TLC explained why she feels that all lives matter. She said, “For me, All Lives Matter. With the police brutality against these young black boys and stuff like that. All of that kind of stuff is wrong. Even if it was a Caucasian teen kid that this was happening […]

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Geneva Reed-Veal is doing everything she can to make sure her daughter's death wasn't in vain.

4/11/17- Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Iesha Evans, the Baton Rouge protester whose photo of her standing up to police in riot gear went viral. “It was laughable at best. I was a little disgusted. I see the similarities. I see little key things. They were trying to take away from it being a […]

Newly revealed emails suggest that undercover NYPD officers compromised and reported on demonstrations surrounding Eric Garner's death.