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Alicia Keys decided to do something a little different and DM’d the tracklisting for her new album Here to some of her fans on Twitter. She tweeted,

“When u put out the track listing to my favorite album yet!! Only 6 more days til u can hear what I’ve been dreaming up for us! #AliciaIsHERE.”

Check out the HERE Tracklisting below:

1. “The Beginning (Interlude)”

2. “The Gospel”

3. “Pawn It All”

4. “Elaine Brown (Interlude)”

5. “Kill Your Mama”

6. “She Don’t Really Care_1 Luv”

7. “Elevate (Interlude)”

8. “Illusion of Bliss”

9. “Blended Family (What Yu Do For Love)” feat. A$AP Rocky

10. “Work On It”

11. “Cocoa Butter (Cross & Pic Interlude)”

12. “Girl Can’t Be Herself”

13. “You Glow (Interlude)”

14. “More Than We Know”

15. “Where Do We Begin Now”

16. “Holy War”

The album is due out on November 4th.

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