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Just because a knock-off tech item works doesn’t mean it’s safe. According to Mashable,

A new study from the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) in the U.K. reveals the vast majority of third-party Apple chargers aren’t safe. Researchers tested 400 counterfeit chargers for Apple products, and only three were insulated well enough to protect against electric shock. Gillian Guy, CEO of U.K. consumer organization Citizens Advice says, “Look out for tell-tale signs of counterfeiting such as mistakes in brand names or logos, and check plugs for safety marks.” A recent Apple lawsuit targeted a manufacturer of counterfeit Apple chargers, warning that such devices are not built to standards and “pose a significant risk of overheating, fire, and electrical shock.”

I can believe that because I bought one of those charger from a truck stop and it sparked when I tried to charge my phone up and I noticed a burnt mark on the thunder bolt connection tip.