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Former NFL player O.J. Simpson has been behind bars in Nevada for nine years following an incident where he allegedly attempted to reclaim some of his mementos from a Las Vegas hotel room in 2008. According to Sports Illustrated, Simpson is up for parole this summer and may be released from prison this year.

From Sports Illustrated:

Amid a series of unsuccessful appeals, Simpson has spent the last eight years in prison. At the start of his sentence he pledged to officials to be “the best prisoner [they’d] ever have.” By all accounts he has comported himself accordingly. On July 25, 2013, Simpson came before the parole board on five of his charges. In a 15-minute hearing he listed his positive contributions, which included mopping floors and disinfecting prison gym equipment. He took particular pride in his umpiring and coaching of prison-yard sports and his advising of younger inmates, saying he “kept a lot of trouble from happening” at Lovelock. His parole on those charges was granted.

Now Simpson will turn his attention to his upcoming parole hearing. According to David Smith of the Nevada parole board, that will likely take place over the summer. Typically, Nevada parole hearings occur about three months in advance of an inmate’s parole eligibility date. Given that Simpson is eligible for parole on Oct. 1, a hearing should occur around July 1. If granted parole, he could be out of prison by the fall. If denied, he could remain in prison until 2022, when he’ll be 75.

For Simpson to get a favorable ruling—for the Juice to be loosed, as it were—he’ll need recommendations from at least four of the seven commissioners.

Daniel Hill, a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, believes that O.J. will do well before the parole board. “He’s the kind of person who gets paroled,” Hill told Sports Illustrated. “He has done a significant amount of time and, by all accounts, hasn’t caused any problems.”

SOURCE: Sports Illustrated


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