John Legend

Source: Brad Barket / Getty

Grammy Award winner John Legend was the victim of hacking over the weekend as someone posted several vulgar tweets about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. According to the Hollywood Reporter, a user named @Owen755 later took responsibility for the hacking and wrote, “That was fun,” on Saturday. February 25th. His account was later suspended.

Some of the hacked tweets read, “I can’t stand to be silent. @realDonaldTrump, you’re a b—h a-n—a, and if I see you, I’m stomping your s-t you f—n cheetoh.”

Another read, “boy these molly are so good im high af haha.”

John Legend

Source: Gabe Ginsberg / Contributor / Getty

When the singer regained access to his account he wrote, “I’m back. My hacker was vulgar and kinda hilarious. I’ll try to be funnier from now on so he won’t feel the need to ghost write for me.”

He added, “I would never threaten violence to the President. No matter how much I wish he would go away . . . I wouldn’t call him a Cheeto because I enjoy Cheetos.”

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