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Confederate flag was spotted flying at a parking garage adjacent to the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, South Carolina, where men’s NCAA Tournament games were being held, reports Yahoo Sports.

The flag was reportedly flown by a group of protesters who wanted to taint the tournament’s return to the state.

From Yahoo Sports:

They flew a large Confederate flag from the back of a pickup truck located atop a parking garage adjacent to the arena where two second-round games are being played Sunday evening.

The Associated Press reported that Greenville police had the protesters move the truck about 50 feet away, citing safety concerns if the flag tipped over. The protesters told the Associated Press they hope to make their presence known to the NCAA.

For more than a decade, the NCAA refused to host major championship events in South Carolina because of the Confederate flag’s presence on statehouse grounds in Columbia. The state only became eligible to bid to host again after the flag was officially removed in July 2015, just weeks after white supremacist Dylann Roof shot nine African-American people to death in a Charleston church.

The NCAA released a statement on Sunday about the Confederate flag protest, reports the outlet. In the statement NCAA senior vice president of basketball, Dan Gavitt, said that the NCAA is committed to making sure that the games are “safe” and “accessible” for all.

SOURCE: Yahoo Sports


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