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Stephanie Mills is celebrating 40 years in the music industry and couldn’t be more excited! “40 years! I’m 60. 40 years,” she expressed.

Both Sherri and Kym were inspired by Mills to become actresses and performers. As little girls, they remember seeing her perform on Broadway for The Wiz!

“My dad took me to see you when I was a little girl. You were the impetus for me becoming an actress,” explained Sherri.

A little inside secret about The Wiz is that Mills didn’t want to do the audition. She had received so much rejection for different roles that she just didn’t want it anymore.

“My mother made me go for the audition.Shee made me go! And I sang Whose Loving You and For Once In My Life. I was 16 and 17 when we actually opened up on Broadway. I was in it from the beginning to the end and I only took one vacation,” she said.

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