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Hurricane Harvey

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

There is no doubt that there was an unprecedented amount of damage done to homes, businesses, infrastructure, and families during and in the aftermath of hurricane Harvey this past August of 2017.  6 months later, it is still very evident that many in the Houston metropolitan area are still in the pain-staking process of persevering through the rebuilding and even relocation process.  For some, federal aid has been halted, denied, or insufficient in helping them get back to some sense of normalcy and security.  Graciously, quite a few local organizations, charities, diaper banks and supply distribution centers have stepped up their donation efforts to fill the gap in government funding and assistance for many communities in need.  But, for those that have and will continue to fall prey to the gaping cracks in the system, a temporary situation is persistently developing into a long-term predicament.  Especially when it comes to casting your vote.  To receive aid, most have to fill out forms with regard to temporary address changes, which are reported to local and federal entities.  In quite a few instances, families and individuals have had to relocate multiple times over the last 6 months, either due to funds for temporary housing depleting or the changing dynamics of a living arrangement.  Uprooting yourself and a family more than once can certainly put you at risk for missing or losing importance notifications or document replacements including but not limited to, voter registration and identification cards.  Plus, with the stress of resettling in such a short period of time coupled with adjusting to a different living and learning environment for your children, one may even feel disenfranchised and less than enthused to participate in the voting process.  Keeping hope alive has become more than just a slogan or phrase civil nobility and is now a daily mission for many.

In this current political climate, it is ever so important to not let the many obstacles that exist in the wake of such a tremendous natural disaster, such as hurricane Harvey, further deter you from participating the local voting arena.  These are the elections that have a lasting and more direct impact in helping to remedy the issues that allowed for the many deplorable and dire situations to exist and linger for our communities still in the midst of a hard-fought recovery and rebuilding process.


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