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#Roommates, we all know how it can be on Sunday mornings when it’s time to get up to go to church. Now I’m not sure if this Arizona mom was trying to secure her seat up in the house of the Lord before the typical Easter holiday rush, but she had enough this day! She allegedly used a stun gun on her teenage son to get him to go to Easter Sunday service.

According To the News, Sharron Dobbins was arrested by Phoenix police and charged with child abuse, but sis denies ever using the weapon on her son.

I did not touch him at all with the Taser,” Dobbins told Fox 10. “I made the sound with the Taser.”

She claims she was at least five feet away from her son when the incident went down in her home. However, police claim that Sharron is lying and said she used the stun gun on her son’s leg.

Sharron said she was frustrated trying to get the kids together for church.

“I said, Get Up! It’s Jesus’ Day!” Robbins told KNXV.

She went back in her room and picked up the Taser but made it very clear that she didn’t come into contact with her child.

“I had the Taser in my hand, and I made the noise with the Taser, and so, he was like, ‘I’m calling police,” Dobbins told Fox 10.


Police ended up finding small bumps on her sons leg. She’s scheduled to appear in court later this month, but she may catch a break since her son doesn’t want to testify against her.

“I don’t think I did anything wrong because you’re supposed to put God first and that’s all I was trying to do is tell my kids to put God first, “ Dobbins told ABC.