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Damon Dash, former business partner with Jay-Z released a video yesterday on his Instagram page. Damon can be seen arguing with West Philly’s own, Lee Daniels. Lee has given us movies like Precious, TV shows like Empire and Stars. Damon says that Lee owes him $2 million.

Dame Dash on the money Lee Daniels owes him:

I gave him $2 million dollars for one project which was the Woodsman, and when I made my money back he asked me to put that money into [the movie] Shadow Boxer and I was very apprehensive about it because that was my working capital to remain independent…he guaranteed me I would get my  money back in like, 3 months. This was 3 years BEFORE the movie Precious. He made me an agreement to put me in every movie he made until I got my money back. My name was not on the movie Precious, I don’t get invited to no screenings. And even before that I put him at the table with a different circle of people. I tried to present him properly, I invested in his movies, we would go to Sundance and Cannes. I put him at the table with people like Andre Leon Talley. He would always sell me on the black thing, “oh we black, I go to Oprah Winfrey she won’t give me no money, I go to Denzel [Washington] he won’t put up no money” So I said “ok, I’ll try to help you but when you get there, look out.

Dame Dash on the album Reasonable Doubt celebrating 22 years

It’s important not to live in the past, but to enjoy the past but also know that you have to be doing something in the now. I hate to be that guy that is always talking about what I did 22 years ago. I didn’t do anything unless I knew it was going to live forever, so I expected it to do what it’s doing.

Dame Dash on his “friendship” with Jay-Z 

[Quincy asks Dame if he and Jay-Z are still friends] you tell me? I don’t get no money from what we were doing back then and that was strategically done so friends don’t usually do that to friends. I understand the business but as a friend, that was f-d up.

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