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Her daughter is losing it too.

Poor Sophia (Desiree Ross) is struggling hard to hold onto her faith in God. She’s tearing out the pages of the Bible and discarding them in the toilet. She says she doesn’t want to know the word of God anymore and feels betrayed because she’s done nothing but love and serve Him but, he’s taken away her ability to have children.

Charity (Deborah Joy Winans) is trying to pull herself together and get up off the couch. When Percy calls her for a favor, it gives her reason to get up, get out and do something. He needs a singer for a homegoing service after the one scheduled backs out at the last minute.

She agrees to do it and gets caught up in the family’s grief. She asks Percy how he manages to be around so much grief all day without losing his mind. He tells her that he drinks  and that’s probably the wrong thing to tell someone who’s slowly developing a pill-popping habit. This may be the beginning of another downward spiral for her.

Oh, and Miss ‘I’m 18 now and I can do what I want’ Zora has packed up her bag and is leaving the building. Someone’s on their way to pick her up from her grandparents house and I can only imagine who that might be.

SMH at this little girl. We’ll see what happens next week with all these dramas breaking out all over the place.



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