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How to Get Away With Murder picks up back at Connor and Oliver’s wedding. We’re in the bathroom with Bonnie and Michaela. Michaela is lowkey freaking out about the blood on Bonnie’s leg and asks whose blood it is. Bonnie says, “Relax, I cut myself shaving,” as calmly as she can, but we all know what universe this is and we know Bonnie is lying.

Now we cut back two months before that.

Nate is still trying as hard as he can to see who the woman is, in the surveillance photo he has, kidnapping baby Gabriel. He zooms in and it looks a lot like Bonnie. Meanwhile, Annalise is giving a lecture to her students detailing the traits of a psychopath. This relates to her new client, Niles Harrington, a wealthy CEO accused of murdering his business partner. Niles is a controversial character who wrote a book called, “The CEO Psychopath,” and not a lot of people are fond of him in general. Obviously, the book isn’t flying too well in court, so the prosecutor is running with the whole psychopath angle. However, Annalise is on it because that’s what she does. She’s working co-counsel with her boss, but so far so good.

That is until one of the witnesses, Nile’s secretary, changes a statement she made earlier which makes her look shady. As a result, Annalise is pushing to try to pin this crime on her. Niles doesn’t want to (because she wouldn’t hurt a fly according to him) but we know how Annalise does.

In related news, Asher is interning at the DA’s office for prosecutor Ron Miller, who just so happens to be the prosecutor on Annalise’s case. As a result of Asher being salty that Annalise didn’t accept him into her clinic, he tells Miller what Annalise’s next move would be (pinning it on the secretary), and convinces Miller to believe him. That’s not hard give that has spent so much time with Annalise. Later on, Miller tries to make a deal with Annalise that could help both of them out, but in the end, Annalise decides not to take it because it would screw her boss over.

Eventually, Annalise thinks Niles killed his associate because he was sleeping with his wife and then we get to the plot twist. Nile’s wife killed the associate but he refuses to let her go down for it and legit threatens to kill them before he allows either of them to blow up his wife’s spot.

So, the next defense play is saying that Nile’s business partner accidentally killed himself by asphyxiation. There’s a belt in question here, so they have the secretary try it on and it fits. Niles tries it on and it doesn’t fit, and you already know he just had to make an OJ Simpson reference: “If it doesn’t fit you must acquit!”

That outburst is just one of a couple of instances that demonstrate the arrogance that makes people not like this man.

Annalise put together a stunning but the jury still finds Niles Harrington guilty. Annalise, her boss, Niles, and his wife are all looking like…

Niles mentions that it’s because the jury hates him and has bias due to the book. This is true because it really seemed like he was about to get off. Annalise still tries to convince him to turn his wife in because she only killed his business associate because she was worried about the money she would lose if he left the company but Niles won’t do it. He’s too soft and pink for her. The only hope now is a retrial due to bias and that’s that for now.

Nate finds the attending nurse who was present on the night the baby was kidnapped and gets her to talk. Basically, Bonnie’s father was trying to leave the baby to become a ward of the state (because it was the product of him sexually exploiting his teenage daughter) but Bonnie later on panicked and said she had a change of heart and that she wanted to do the right thing but her dad wouldn’t let her be great. Nate shows her the photo of Bonnie and the woman confirms that issa match! So, we can assume Bonnie kidnapped her own baby and the nurse allowed it to happen because she also felt like she was doing the right thing.

Nate takes this information to Annalise and says he didn’t want to say anything until he had receipts. Annalise starts shaking her head because it turns out that Bonnie didn’t kidnap her baby. It was Bonnie’s sister.


And now we cut back to Connor and Oliver’s wedding. This is after the bathroom incident so Bonnie (or possibly her sister) is back in the crowd. Michaela is back in the crowd but she keeps glancing at Bonnie/Bonnie’s sister because something doesn’t feel right and Oliver is being called to the dance floor but he’s missing.

Yeah, we’re all confused! Is this Bonnie’s twin or are they supposed to be the type of sister that just look a hell of a lot alike?


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