As men, we have to worry about smell and body odor twice as much as we did when we were younger. A great cologne can make a huge difference in any situation. Here are a few tips when choosing and using your cologne.

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Check Your Pulse – An ancient secret when putting on your cologne is to CHECK YOUR PULSE, apply cologne to your neck, and wrist. Try to apply it right where you feel the pulse, as the blood flow will warm up the cologne and the scent will be more pronounced.

Update & Switch It Up: I recommend having at least four different bottles and stay in touch with the new updates, cologne is like clothing. New fragrances come out like sneakers these days and as time passes, people tend to find the trend. Pro tip: you don’t want to smell like everyone else! Also, try not to wear the same cologne every day. Variety adds character and men with character are men with confidence!

Some of my favorites right now are Versace Eros, Acqua Di Gio, Lacoste, and of course, Givenchy Play.

Buy Smart, Not Hard: When it comes to cologne, less is more! Look for light balanced scents, something too heavy will instantly turn women off and make them uncomfortable. Also, spray no more than three times. Yes, THREE times.  When you walk into the room, everyone shouldn’t be forced to smell you. Keep it light and easy.

When buying your scent be sure to test at the department stores/malls BUT DON’T BUY THERE! Department stores tend to price higher than online and we should always find the best deal. A great website for buying cologne is

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