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ABC's 'How to Get Away with Murder' - Season Five

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Tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder finds Annalise in the thick of her Nate Sr appeal case. It’s not looking too good right now, especially when the court throws a wrench in their plans. They find out that Nate Jr is being called to the stand as a surprise witness, something they weren’t prepared for. The thing is, Nate wrote a letter, when he was a kid, saying that he felt safer with his father behind bars. Nate claims he doesn’t even remember writing the letter and no longer feels that way, but that obviously doesn’t go over well in court, so Annalise and her students have to work in overdrive to figure out how to come out on top. 

Meanwhile, Bonnie is spiraling because Nate dug up a whole lot of trauma. She heads to Nate’s house to ask why he did what he did. In her mind, he meant to do her dirty, but we know that Nate is a genuinely good guy and he did a very naive thing. He explains that he did what he did because he thought it would help but Bonnie reminds him that he just triggered her all over again. She tried to kill herself over that situation and managed to get past it but now she’s going to have to try to build herself back up again. Nate wants to try to make it better but there’s nothing he can do at this point.

Eventually, we find Annalise and Nate together kicking it and discussing the case. Nate said he lied on the stand and that he did actually remember writing the letter. Again, he was a kid when he wrote it, stressed out and angry with his father. When he saw the cops taking his father away he was upset and felt like the cops were the good guys and his dad wasn’t and he wanted to be like the cops. It’s clear that he feels terrible about that decision and he’s stressed about what his testimony did to the case but Annalise reminds him who tf she is! She took her appeals case to the supreme court and won. Do you think she’s going to lose in Philly? Nah!

It’s going to be hard because the governor has a vendetta against her for doing this in the first place, and even sends a psychologist who worked with Nate Sr. years ago to testify and to poke holes in the insanity defense. Little did the psych know is that Michaela convinced Asher to dig up some dirt on him and basically, it’s clear that he works for the governor’s office so of course, he’s on the stand saying what’s necessary to stay in his boss’ good graces. His entire testimony gets thrown out because Annalise ain’t playing no games! Then Nate Sr. takes the stand and hold that thought…

Bonnie ends up telling her boyfriend, Ronald, everything that happened in her childhood, and about her getting pregnant at 15 and now learning that her son might be alive. After hearing all of that he still wants to be with her and she is a wreck, but he consoles her and they come up with a plan. Hold that thought.

The jury finally reaches a verdict and all of Annalise’s fierce fighting (and her students too) pays off. The jury’s verdict is not guilty by reason of insanity. Annalise’s poster case a victory.

This. Is. A. Big. Deal.


His father will be transferred to a suitable psychiatric facility. Nate Sr. and Nate Jr. have a beautiful moment in the courtroom where they hug it out and exchange forgiveness.

Annalise talks to the press about how dope she is, Laurel lets Frank know that she knows he has been stalking Gabe for something a lot deeper than just researching Annalise’s students but we’ll have to wait for the answer.

Finally, the episode wraps with Bonnie and Ron going to see her sister and then we cut back to the wedding. Connor looking for Oliver but he finds Asher going down on his mom. Ew!

Two more episodes until we find out who died at the wedding.


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