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The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 9

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Tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta is mostly about Porsha and Kandi’s reignited beef. We all knew this falling out was coming because that foundation was not stable. At. All. Kandi was barely getting over the drugging accusations that Porsha ignorantly threw around so willy-nilly. They both tolerated each other. Let’s get down to business.

All the drama started when Porsha got kicked out of Todd’s Michael Jordan-themed, 45h birthday party. We cut back and forth between Kandi talking to her team and Porsha talking to her sister and Dennis. Todd was really out of the loop and Kandi only knew bits and pieces of what her team was telling her, primarily DonJuan and Jami. DonJuan and Jami explain that Porsha got mad that Jami’s friend, who used to date Dennis, tried to kiss him on the cheek. We all know that Jami and Porsha already don’t get along from when Porsha tried to fight her years ago for…who even remembers? Anyway, we also know that Porsha is a hothead. So, Jami said that Dennis and her friend were chatting it up and being friendly, but Porsha came out at the part where said friend tried to kiss Dennis on the cheek. Dennis claims that he pulled a matrix move when the friend tried to kiss him and kinda made it seem like the friend was coming on to him.

Then Jami said that the friend started to walk away from Porsha, but that Porsha began escalating the situation and getting rowdy. Jami said she stepped in the middle and that Porsha chest bumped her.

Porsha then said that someone from Kandi’s team kicked her out because they didn’t want anyone to act a’fool at Kandi and Todd’s event. That person from Kandi’s team corroborates that claim. Porsha said that the next day, #TheBlogs reported that she got into a fistfight, which wasn’t true, and she blames Kandi’s team, particularly Jami, for planting the story. She’s also pissed at Kandi for not following up with her. Meanwhile, Jami says that Porsha really needs to get mad at Dennis because, after the incident, he was allegedly texting her friend laughing and joking about the situation.

Now let’s fast forward some more. At this point in the episode, we find Cynthia, Nene, Shamea, and Porsha together discussing the incident because they want to know how Porsha got kicked out. Porsha goes into her side of the story again and pretty much seems like the victim. But eventually they move on and Porsha finally reveals that she’s pregnant. They all erupt into screams of excitement and NeNe can breathe because she no longer has to keep this secret. But then Cynthia wonders what we’re all wondering: Why would Porsha put herself at risk at the party since she knew she was pregnant? All Porsha offers is that she’s upset at herself for putting herself in that position.

Now Cynthia and NeNe want to talk to Kandi.

So, let’s get to that moment. The entire group gets together—it’s a girls night at Tanya’s place. Let’s cut to the chase, it all goes downhill as soon as both women come face to face. They start off trying to explain their respective sides—as they always do—and then go into a full-blown argument. Porsha blames Kandi, Kandi explains that she didn’t plant a story and that she didn’t even know what was going on until after the fact. But then Porsha escalates by calling Kandi a b—h. Kandi tells Porsha that she doesn’t know how to control herself, which is definitely true because all this popping off can’t be good for the baby, yet here we are. Plus, Kandi said multiple people told her that Porsha was the aggressor. Anyway, Kandi attempts to make her way out before things go too far. She doesn’t even know that Porsha is pregnant.

This is where we end for now because Kandi doesn’t make it out of the house before the episode ends. We get hit with a, “To Be Continued.”

Next week, Porsha will also confront Dennis because she is starting to question whether she can trust him or not.


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