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Apparently crab legs are life, even when its in the middle of crawfish season.

Two people in Huntsville, Alabama got into a fight over crab legs at a local restaurant, annoying diners and one police officer who just started eating when the fight broke out.

“Literally, as I sat down and maybe took two bites out of my plate,” Huntsville police officer Gerald Johnson told WHNT. “There’s a woman who’s beating a man. People are moving around, plates are shattering everywhere,” Johnson added.

No sooner than he sat down with his plate at the Meteor Buffet, a man and a woman were arguing over a space in line when the woman allegedly assaulted the man for disrespecting her. It’s alleged the two were fighting using the tongs you use to pick up your crab legs.

“Everyone was saying, ‘They cut me in line. She cut me in line. He cut me in line. I was here first,'” Johnson said.

The pair arrested, John Chapman and Chequita Jenkins had been waiting for crab legs for 10, 20 minutes. And due to the high demand, people were hot. Apparently not as boiling mad as Chapman and Jenkins were … with each other. Jenkins is charged with third-degree assault charges and Chapman is facing disorderly conduct for his role in the altercation. He suffered a cut to his head in the fight while Jenkins wasn’t hurt.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Huntsville Police