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It’s the second to last episode of Empire Season 5 and tonight’s episode definitely did a good job of dragging out the, “Is Andre Seriously Going to Die?” saga. It looks like he is but again, you really never know on this show. Anyway, the episode starts with Lucious not wanting to accept that Andre is dying (he’s still the only one who knows out of the family). But Andre has accepted his fate and wants to die on his own terms. Lucious tells him not to do a dang thing until he talks to him first then he storms out. We see Dre carefully placing cards that he wrote out to all of his loved ones.

Meanwhile, Cookie wants Teri to tell Andre she’s pregnant to give him something to fight for. Teri says she won’t say anything because she’s surprised that she’s even pregnant until she gets word from the doctor that everything is okay.

Lucious gets into a minor car accident. It’s minor in the sense that he swerves off the road and hits a rail and keeps his life. He does get knocked out, though, and starts having dreams where he’s conversing with dead people from his past. Cookie’s cousin that he killed manages to tell him he ain’t ish, later on, he sees Shyne, and he even sees his dead father. The latter gives him the strength he needs to let go of Andre.

Now we’re at a meeting at Empire with Becky, Giselle, and Patel. Jamal was supposed to be there but he’s on his honeymoon in Seychelles. Patel wants to know what’s up with the money and how is the tour doing. Then Thirsty interrupts with an Empire artist saying their checks didn’t clear. In fact, Empire checks are bouncing all over the place. It’s the feds again. They froze Empire’s assets.

As a matter of fact, Megan, the leader of the pack, interrogates Cookie without a lawyer. Cookie demands a lawyer and Megan pokes at her about freezing Empire’s assets. Then she brings up Panama. She shows Cookies photos from her trip to Panama with Damon Cross and asks what happened between them. If Cookie snitches on Damon then Megan will unfreeze all of Empire’s assets. Cookie ain’t no snitch, and she ain’t no fool. Just the fact that Cookie is there without a lawyer is grounds enough to get her out of there. Cookie tells her straight where to go, too, before sashaying away.

In the meantime, Becky, Giselle, and Andre, who isn’t even supposed to be working but everyone needs him, are trying to figure out what to do. Becky suggests throwing a new special concert, that is distinctly separate from the tour, where Empire artists are paired with non-Empire artists. There’s a venue that owes her a favor so maybe this could work.

Now we’re the part of the episode where Lucious finally wakes up from his blackout to Thirsty calling and telling him he needs to get back to reality quick. Then we see a flashback of Cookie meeting up with Damon. He’s trying to get her to leave Lucious again. Cookie says she wants her hubby and her boys and the life they built, but she does tip him off about the feds since she’s feeling generous.

Andre asks Kingsley if he can help whim reach Eddie Patel, who is literally at some billionaire boys club convention Silicon Valley. They have a quick exchange, and Kingsley says he won’t be able to get in because the billionaires don’t think too highly of him. He’s also skeptical of Andre asking for help. Andre says he forgives him and that he’s his big brother and that he needs him. That’s enough tenderness for Kingsley to wire him a crap ton of money, adding that it’s not half of what he owes empire, but it’s a start (later on we find out that Kingsley also gave him some leads on potential investors).

Now it’s time for the special concert. Hakeem performs with Ty Dolla $ign. Tiana performs with Sevyn Streeter. And it’s a good night. Teri finds Cookie backstage and tells her that she got the test results back. She and Andre are expecting a healthy baby boy. Cookie asks when she’s going to tell Andre and Teri puts it off until tomorrow, obviously not knowing she may not have that long.

Finally, the episode winds down with Lucious and Andre eating Andre’s favorite meal at a hotel, just before Andre plans to end his life. Cookie walks into her house and comes across the note he wrote her telling her about his heart condition and why he didn’t want her to know. She remembered where he said he was staying and rushes over there. She makes it in time just before Andre is preparing to take some pills, as Lucious watches tearfully, and busts everything up. She starts spazzing out on Lucious for letting their son kill himself so they have a moment where they argue. Then Cookie Dre that Teri is pregnant and that this is worth fighting for but the shock of Cookie already affected him negatively and he starts to have a heart attack and we end with them calling 911. Yup, they’re still dragging this out.

Meanwhile, we just want to see if there’s a plot twist where Andre lives, or nah.

The season finally ends next week.


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