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The 20th Let the Fashions Begin Man of Substance gala is Friday, November 1st, at The Westin Galleria. The event benefits Texas Children’s Hospital Sickle Cell Center.

Back in 2011, I was selected as a “Let the Fashion’s Begin” Man of Style. While I have vacillated in my sense of fashion consciousness, I do believe that a man’s application of his knowledge of fashion does make him “a man of style.”

A Man of Style is Daring

When it comes to fashion sense, men have evolved. We have become more daring. Rather than just wearing the latest trend in suits, we are choosing colors beyond the traditional blacks, greys, and blues. Men of style have their unique style, accessorizing their clothing with matching colors. The man of style and fashion is attentive to details. He might match his tie with his socks, his belt with his shoes, altogether complimenting his suit — or not.

Just as men have evolved, so have the fashions that are in the stores — from suits, slacks, ties, shoes, formal and informal clothing. The “man of style is on top of it all. But, dressing for success doesn’t alone make one successful.

A Man of Value and Ethics

What would a “man of style” be without substance? I think you would agree that substance is essential too. From my perspective, a man has substance when his accomplishments, his successes, are achieved with a sharp ethical and moral compass. While becoming successful is a good thing, a man shouldn’t try to be just successful, rather be of value and be ethical.

Embraces Diversity

A man of substance embraces diversity. He respects humanity. He celebrates, supports, and encourages the evolving roles of women. He is respectful of women just as he respects his mother or his sisters.

A man of substance is respectful of boundaries. He is a law-abiding person and is conscious of his choices and their impact on others.

Health and Fitness Conscious

A few of my colleagues display what I consider one of the best fashion statements – fitness. Whether one is dressed formally or informally, nothing is more important than being fit and healthy.

When one is fit, he is more confident. But fitness takes mental toughness and discipline. Discipline and moral values — substance is essential if we are to be successful.

Gives Back to the Community

A ‘man of substance’ shares what he has learned and earned. A man of substance gives back to the community, whether, with time, talent, philanthropy, or entrepreneurship, they are giving back. They are conscious of what they are doing, and they are doing it with style.

Congratulations to the 2019 “Let the Fashions Begin Men of Substance” to benefit Texas Children’s Hospital Sickle Cell Center.

Oh yeah, if you want to look good on social media, don’t forget your make-up. :-)

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