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NYC based tech startup, Dollaride, recently launched an investment campaign on in an effort to raise $500K while also creating economic opportunity for members of the urban community. Dollaride investors will receive equity in the company as well as access to perks related to the investment amount. The company is scheduled to run the campaign from July into September and plans to use the funds to improve its mobile app, create more dollar van routes, and recruit more van drivers to join their platform.

Dollar vans are mini buses or commuter vans that transport passengers on fixed routes throughout neighborhoods poorly serviced by subway lines, bus routes, or taxis. These vans have been an integral part of NYCs public transit system for over 30 years and are the lifeblood of over 120,000 daily commuters. Dollaride wants to ensure that the dollar van industry continues to evolve to meet the needs of its growing ridership.

The company’s founders, Su Sanni and Chris Coles are both black and see this campaign as an opportunity to cultivate a supportive community of investors who are not typical Silicon Valley investors. At 36, Su has already built and sold one tech company and views Dollaride as a way to revolutionize urban transit. “It’s been validating to see that most of the investors so far have chosen to support Dollaride because they want to see our solution in their own neighborhoods & cities.” He believes, “The time is now to start investing in our community and anyone can be a part of our mission by investing in Dollaride.” To learn more about how you can invest in Dollaride visit their campaign page at



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About Dollaride

Dollaride is a black-owned tech company committed to improving transportation in urban communities by bringing cutting-edge technology to operators, drivers, and passengers throughout the dollar van industry. It’s mobile platform digitizes dollar van operations and strategically complements public transit systems. Join the movement as we combine transportation and opportunity with Dollaride!

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