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Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris has graced the cover of Vogue‘s February 2021 issue. Usually, the unveiling of a Vogue cover is met with oohs and aahs due to its beauty, elegance, and its overall aesthetic. The reveal of Harris’ cover, however, has been met with criticism.

On the cover, Harris stands there in front of a pink and green backdrop flashing her gorgeous smile with her arms folded while she wears her signature uniform: jeans and a pair of Converse sneakers. In the second cover, she is wearing a powder blue blazer while standing in the same pose. No glam, no glitz, and honestly, no effort. 


Since Harris has made history after she became the first Black and South Asian woman to become the vice president of the United States, her Vogue cover should have been more breathtaking. It should have been more symbolic of who she is and what she had to overcome to make history. As soon as we laid eyes on the cover, as a Black woman, I wanted to be at a loss for words. Instead I was confused and insulted. The cover looks like it was an obligatory task rather than a honor. The backdrop was even tasteless. Yes, pink and green are her sorority colors, but the background could have been more tasteful and beautiful. Harris is known for the pants suit and sneaker combo, so it would have been awesome to see her dressed in something luxurious and extravagant. Or even a cover with a historic symbolization. Harris deserved something more than what she got, like most Black women.

The folks behind this cover and story had a major responsibility but they let us down. From Breonna Taylor’s killer not being charged with her death, being put down by Black men for not being exotic, being on the worse end of the pay gap, not getting the medical care we are entitled too because we aren’t believed, being let down is something Black women are too familiar with. Though the cover is underwhelming, I’m not surprised. Just disappointed.

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