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Source: Brandon Caldwell / Radio One Digital

Robyn Troup, the granddaughter of the Rev. William Lawson and Brandi Ledet, the Special Events Assistant Director at Interfaith Ministries join AV for a little Faith & Fame discussing Interfaith Ministries IMpowered Voices Unity Concert, living up to legacy and more!

The IMpowered Voices Unity Concert, which is hosted by ABC 13’s Melanie Lawson takes place on June 8 at 7 p.m. on Facebook and YouTube featuring Troup, as well as performances by Ahi Ajayan, a high school senior classically trained in Indian music; Arshenoor Ankleshwaria, a classically trained singer and piano teacher; Dee Dee Dochen and Vicki Merwin, two friends who perform professionally with various groups in both public venues and at private events; and International Voices Houston, a multicultural choir in Houston that inspires, educates, and brings joy to its audiences through world music.

Join them TONIGHT and you can watch the full concert HERE.